My name is Crystal Creek and I’m currently Active Duty in the United States Air Force station here in Minot, North Dakota. I started off cutting hair in Maryland and adventure off to the Military where I became my own entrepreneur after graduating Military Basic Training naming my business “Creeks Fade Zone LLC”.

In Military Tech School was where it all BEGAN and my fellow Airmen tested the waters of allowing me to cut their hair and I finally got the hang of perfecting my craft. I’ve been cutting hair for five years now and I’ve expanded from cutting only military personnel to civilians as well. I currently make my own natural hair products called “Creeks Hydration” which is a leave in conditioner and oil to lock it all in. In order to help my clients maintain there hair and prevent it from breakage I sell my own Durags as well called “Creeks Finest”.

Creeks Finest Durags are my number one selling product. My Silk Durags are 100% Silk and my Velvet Durags are made with a silk liner inside to protect your hair from breakage, keeping it well hydrated throughout the night or day. Everyday I reach for success and addicted to watching barber videos , striving to better my craft and pleasing my customers each and everyday. I hope you all enjoy and thank you for your time!

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